extinction 2.0

sittin on my flat-pack plastic hands
like a britney mannequin squinting
cuffed, roped, panicking n seething
scroll hate-swipe speaking
through troll posts
in the instas, in the tweeters
the likers and the emoji paste venters
all face n thumbs quick sprinting

waitin for climate to shift in rift bits
in waves of species extinction
this this this yeah
this is an attempt at rebellion
can’t even stop at certain part per billion
can’t even brake for a pedestrian
cant even sell my body for credit
like dead kardashians
but there ain’t any
wishin there were many

staring at the black n gold ocean
face-down in a twisted tide n broken
beach laps fillin these salty runners
they’re over-priced joggers
i’m a bald headed flogger
and this white line is licking at my feet again
like cold chisel in a white beer barn
like a miley cyrus freak show
at the white light disco
this is a realtime IRL revolution
a political sea-change retribution
a fucked-up shenanigan
a non-uniformed civilian evolution
to kill the white cycle of extinction
i’m an urban-guerrilla poet
you know it
woops I did it again

just a sheep dealer
meat, potato n vanilla
just another lust-filled consumer, brother
i’ll have another snack pack, brother
with the state police at my hooded back, brother
and mike jackson was quite a thriller
all my beyonces flip temple-tables
like magazine-stand filler
spitting little bitty bits
of populated white culture
a salt n pepper condition

white as a piece of recycled paper - white
buying everything in sight - white
to lift the lids on this situation - white
feel the need to breathe deeply - white
need to shut the fuck up and listen - white

to stand up in a crowd and shout
stop now
to get in the bitumen
and tear at the billboards
stop now
to delete all the things
in my application
to remove all the noise
in my petrol station
give me strength to
stop stop stop
to extinct this
to stop
to cease

lets end this

this poem

kill it