last round

this ones for the coulda beens
the shoulda beens
the wanna bes
the also-rans
the think I cans
the go getters
the coulda been betters
for those that wann’d be there
those that shoulda been there
those who coulda been there
this is for the clangers
the misheld hangers
the one percenters
the on field venters

this ones for the retired
won’t get rehired
for fletch’s 400
and lest we forget
those who’ll

this ones for
the calculators
the seeya laters
the locked in
under the weight
of the eight
the Power    
the Giants
the Cats n the Pies
the Saints and the      
Demons, the Bombers    
the Suns, the Blues
and the     

in that order

for those missing in action
subbed for concussion
went down the race
just couldn’t get up
had a poor quarter
unable to get in
to the business end
to the pointy end
unable to touch the trophy
this is for them
that sit in the stands
eat a pie
and watch

this is for the missed shots
the hitouts to no-one
the dropped ball on the run
the shrug
the shepherd
the out on the full
for kicking across the face

this ones for the missed ones
the bad bananas
the missed mark
the handball into the wrong man
for those who forgot to bounce

this is for the ball!
ball umpire
ball umpire
ball umpire

this ones for the
mad Monday
for the lazy beer on a Sunday

coz mate
theres always
next year

yeah this is for you
those that took a punt
had a crack
rode the pack
but for whatever reason
couldn’t get through
this ones for you