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in the paddock

01 Aug 2014

in the paddock here
off the Dandaragan Rd
light rain drifts
it’s a waltz through young
thin head-high trees
planted 5 years ago
5 metres apart by machine
now by hand it’s a 7 step stretch
up n down, across the ruts
3 runs at a time
scan n search for infill

as tank shells rain in Gaza
and I’m in the paddock

this one K long paddock
under the fat cattle stare, we’re
fixing sugar gum holes, cladocalyx
with mallee form yorks
and eucalyptus camaldulensis


16 Jul 2014

it’s a 5am rise
an hours drive in the pre-dawn
gnagarra rd traffic
battling tradies down west swan rd
up the mundaring hill
deep in sawyers valley bliss
its all 7am shadows
frost vs fog
man vs paddock
at the treedump
full uteload of pinasta boxes loaded
then gear up, launch off the back of the tray
buckets on, bombing the hills
for 200 trees each run
walking the Whadjuk country
planting tool in hand, a swing
and a drop, a heel or a toe
to firm one by one

palmer drama

28 Jun 2014

there’s no calmer drama in parliament
than clive fredrick palmer
he’s such a charmer
no more charming than chicken parma tuesday
rockin up to the house
in a Rolls on a Wednesday
or a Bently on a Thursday
or a Merk on a Monday
a gentle fistful of monetary whispers
to the party resisters
those sunshine dinosaurs
this Palmersaurus riddle
and galore galore, puppy and gore
we’re rolling on floors
running out doors
run PUP flags up poles
digging big big holes

get it india

20 Jun 2014

5000 years of tomato heart
diced on woodgrain
this kitchen now a choreography
of knives and colour bursts
in nutmeg breeze
a Bollywood sunset
sliced under sweet onion flame
crushed by a dozen garlic-faced ideas, chick-peas
and cumin seeds, cardamom smokes
mortar n pestle beats to the thick bass
in a haze of mustard seeds pop
and chilli bites my finger, the colour
of clove tears.
Sweet fenugreek in between sweeps
of garam masala, and hits of ginger,
tamarind, turmeric
and green chilli,

ASADA WADA - a supplementary saga

14 Jun 2014

ball umpire
ball umpire
ball umpire

it was clearly holding
and now the perfect A-plus umpire
get a grip mate
an empire of umpires
and all the media sharks jump sharks
bomb bombers
don jumpers, our colours, our sash slashed
and hall-of-famers, using famous flamers
pontificating punters
pulling punches on benches
showing cause to show cause
where perhaps on the greyest of days
it never rains in round twelve
a slow slow slow cook